Bitcoin Ecosystem is Rapidly Replenished with Whales

The number of “whales” is growing not only rapidly, but it is also breaking all records. “Whales” in the crypto industry are those who have at their disposal from 1000 MTC. Analysts noted their growth even before the March collapse, the pace increased several times. This is considered an indicator of the accumulation of assets by large players and gives rise to optimistic forecasts.

Paxful’s P2P platform has made a tempting offer for its customers

From now on, the purchase and sale of bitcoins are possible for physical gold. The company posted this information on its blog. Ray Yousef, CEO of the platform, notes an increase in interest in gold assets as safe havens in times of economic recession. He calls this process symbolic when real gold is trading in tandem with its digital counterpart.

Paxful said its offer is unique, as long as there are no similar markets in which gold is used as payment. As they beautifully put it, yellow metal in the crypto community is a natural response to the tense situation in the world economy.



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