[Taklimakan Blog] Amazon Will Place Ad Data on the Blockchain

Based on recent job postings at Amazon, the tech giant is planning a Blockchain-related project. The company is looking for a fintech marketing team with a focus on distributed ledger technology.

Amazon is recruiting a team of fintech experts to specialize in Blockchain and marketing as part of expanding its advertising division.

Future employees of the company will be responsible for defining the architectural direction of the technology for the new zone of Amazon’s Blockchain marketing business. The rest of the details are missing, but based on the information available, it can be assumed that this will be a new sector as part of the expansion of the ecosystem of the e-commerce giant.

According to Amazon, the new Blockchain marketing arm will be the company’s venture capital project, which means there will be room for creativity and new space. Amazon believes that this sector will become one of the key growth areas in the future and does not see significant competition in this field. However, the actual implementation of the project can take years.



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