[Taklimakan Blog] Bitmain Stops Selling Mining Machines

According to the Wu Blockchain post, Bitmain has announced a global suspension of mining machine sales. Bitmain said this is because there is a huge amount of second-hand goods on the market right now.

Currently, only Bitcoin supercomputer servers are available for sale. Spot sales will be phased out worldwide in the near future. In addition, Bitmain announced a complete overseas relocation. Some mid- to high-level employees have already moved out of the country.

There are also rumors that Bitmain has cut one 5nm chip due to the recent price drop. Due to the sharp drop in the hashrate of the entire network, the price of Antminer S19 was below $7000. Earlier, ASIC hardware manufacturer Bitmain lowered the price of Antminer devices by 20% amid falling bitcoin rates and criticism of mining by the Chinese authorities.



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