[Taklimakan Blog] The World’s Largest Investment Company Advises Taking a Closer Look at Cryptocurrencies

The world’s largest investment company by assets under management for the first time publicly advised taking a closer look at cryptocurrencies.

Emerging markets could be an attractive investment opportunity if Joe Biden takes the presidency. Bloomberg writes about this, citing Rick Ryder, chief investment officer at BlackRock. According to the top manager of the largest investment company, financial markets will expect certain growth dynamics in the absence of a global second wave of coronavirus around the world.

“… I find some of the risky assets… much more attractive than Treasury bonds. Buying a 10-year bond for 75 basis points does not mean you are back in the promised land, ”Reeder said.

For the first time, BlackRock’s top investor has publicly acknowledged the benefits of cryptocurrencies as a complement to a balanced portfolio. In his opinion, the benefits of digital assets will be especially noticeable when markets turn their attention back to the pandemic.

Previously, analysts at Fidelity Digital Assets found that adding just three percent in bitcoin to a portfolio of traditional assets from January 2015 to September 2020 would increase annual profits by more than 4%.



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