[Taklimakan Blog] What Happened in the Cryptocurrency Market over the Week?

The top 10 largest cryptocurrencies end the week in the green, although Bitcoin has never been able to break out of the symmetrical triangle. Anonymous hackers threatened Elon Musk with war.

Dynamics of major cryptocurrencies

The outgoing week turned out to be unremarkable for the bitcoin (BTC) rate. The main cryptocurrency of the world formed a local bottom on May 19, but since then it has remained within the neutral symmetric triangle pattern. In the middle of the week, bitcoin pierced the upper border of this triangle but failed to gain a foothold above the round $40,000 mark. Instead, the price rolled back.

In addition to the technical rebound, another tweet by Elon Musk put pressure on the currency rate. Interestingly, this time Musk’s trick aroused the anger of not only ordinary members of the crypto community, but also Anonymous hackers.



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